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Outline of Toyama
Toyama City, beautiful and abundant in nature
Toyama Plain has been a good farmland and a key junction of traffic, and so it was often a battlefield during the feudal ages, when Narimasa Sassa made a triumph entry into Toyama Castle and carried out the flood control project. Then agriculture gradually flourished. Toyama Clan was set up in Edo Period and promoted various industries such as pharmaceutical and Japanese paper production. As a result, it became nationwide famous for its "medicine of Toyama". The improvement of transportation, such as Hida Highway and Kitamaebune seaway, and unique business practice, "use now pay later" also contributed to this. After Meiji period, Toyama City became the prefectural capital and developed as an industrial city with abundant electricity; the first hydropower generating station in Hokuriku District was built here. Though urban area of Toyama City was devastated by a major American air raid in August 1945, Toyama City is now growing as one of the leading cities on the Japan Sea Coast, thanks to the improvement of living environment with water supply and sewerage systems, and flourishing agriculture, forestry, fishing and commerce. It was designated as a core city in 1996. The new Toyama City was born as a result of municipal merger between Toyama City, Osawano Town, Oyama Town, Fuchu Town, Yamada Village and Hosoiri Village in April 2005.
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Our City aims to be "the city of coexisting, exchanging, and creating", to fulfill citizens' dreams and hope through their own active participation under the slogan of "The Vibrant city, thriving on nature."
Toyama City works on preservation and utilization of nature; its magnificent view and environment. It launches a unique project to each district of Toyama in order to make a sustainable development.
Toyama City holds an idea of promoting an exchange between the urban and mountains areas of Toyama City, an exchange between Toyama City and other cities of Toyama Prefecture, Japan and the world. It revitalize the over-all power of each region; its residents, community, educational entities, cultural bodies, enterprises and the administration through the collaboration of all of them.
Toyama City aims to develop the city and its human resources, by valuing the natural resource, wonderful views, industries, traditional culture, sightseeing spots all of which are shared and inherited by the Toyama people.

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