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Privileges of Membership
TCA would like to provide many opportunities to people who are greatly interested in international exchange and cooperation , or who willingly start a new thing.
Privileges of Membership
  • ¡¦Participation in volunteer activities as staff for T C A
  • ¡¦Participation in lecture, exchange parties and study in Japan and abroad.
  • ¡¦Learning foreign languages.
  • ¡¦TCA bulletin [T C A - News] will be sent 4 times during the year.
Guidance For Admission
We accept your application at TCA office.
In case of transference, to Toyama City Hall Branch of Bank of Hokuriku
Account : Toyama Shimin Kokusai kouryu Kyoukai
Savings account : No. 4076440
APPLY TO Toyama Cosmopolitan Association
Third Floor CiC Building, 1-2-3 Shintomi-cho, Toyama City
Closed: Every Monday/National holiday
28th of December to 1st of January
Annual Membership Fee
3,000yen per year
5,000yen per year
10,000yen per year


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