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sister cities
In various fields, such as economics, industry, medical treatment, and culture, Toyama interacts with its sister cities positively. Training of the talented people of a rich cosmopolitan outlook corresponding to global society is filled with power from the international exchange of a citizen level.
Many people are sent abroad from Toyama at the same time we receive overseas visitors. Improvement in language study, culture, and technical power etc, comes from our mutual development with other countries.
Sao Paulo, Federative Republic of Brazil
(Sister City)
Hebei, People's of Republic of China
(Friendship City)
North Carolina, United States of Ameica
(Sister City)
Australia Wellington Council, New South Wales, Australia
(Sister City)
Plaza O MArco,Mogi das Cruses City Laolongtou(Denghailou),a tourist spot in Qinhuangdao City Duke University,Durham City Wellington Council
Mogi Das Cruzes is a university town with a population of approximately 330,000 people. The town was founded when a Portuguese explorer established a garrison in the area where the current city is located. With agriculture as its core, the city grew and is now the biggest poultry producer in South America. Industry has developed due to the abundant supply of water and electricity. The port city of Qinhuangdao is prominent in China for exporting energy resources such as coal. Qinhuangdao is more than 2000 years old and its name can be traced to an Emperor named Qinshihuang.
The population of Qinhuangdao is 2,600,000 people and it is famous for the joining point of the Kahoku and Tohoku roads; Sankaikan- the East end of the Great Wall of China; and the summer resort- Hokutaiga.
Durham is located in the heart of North Carolina with a population of approximately 190,000 people and is nicknamed °»The City of Medicine°…. Its main industry is health and medical research and its °»Research Triangle Park°…, where many research institutes are concentrated, is attracting attention from all over the world A city with a population of about 10,000. The city is blessed with natural beauty; a limestone caves being the biggest sightseeing spot. It also flourishes from agriculture and livestock industry. It has a lot of nice gardens and parks, Cameron Park being the most famous and awards-wining among them.
Population approximately 321,000
No.of Households approximately 64,000
Area 731km2
Main industries Chicken Farming
Metal Manufacturing
Date of Affiliation November 8, 1979
Population approximately 2,644,000
No.of Households approximately 2,644,000
Area 7,523km2
Main industries Glass,
Machine Manufacturing Vinyl
Date of Affiliation May 7, 1981
Population approximately 157,000
No.of Households approximately 59,000
Area 262km2
Main industries Health care and pharmaceuticals
,High-tech industry
Date of Affiliation June 13, 1989
Population approximately 10,000
No.of Households -
Area 3,984km2
Main industries agriculture and livestock industry
Date of Affiliation August 24, 1992

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